Friday, 21 March 2014

Quality Leather Chemicals Need to Produce Quality Leather

As we all know, previously tanning was deemed as most odiferous business and most of the tanneries were situated far away from the main town and isolated completely. The old method of tanning is no longer in use in modern age. Now different Leather Chemicals are used, in order to get fine quality leathers than ever before.  Now there are two methods of tanning which are used, viz. vegetable tanning and mineral methods of tanning. In mineral tanning, basic chromium sulfate is used; whereas, in vegetable tanning, tannin, the bark of one tree is used. Chrome tanning method is faster than vegetable tanning and stretchable leather can be produced, which is most fine in quality and use for handbag and garments. Depending upon the desired finish, the hide is waxed, rolled, lubricated or dyed.  
With the growing demand of shiny and mesmerizing leather goods, clothes, hats, bags, & shoes, it has become, necessary to produce quality leather more than before. As we have discussed earlier, old method of tanning has become obsolete, and the entire modern aged tanneries are using artificial chemicals for tanning. There are different types of tanning agents which are used on the process of tanning and Fat Liquor is one such thing, which is used to moisturize, nourish and shine the finish products. Zsivira India, the leading, Leather Chemical Manufacturers, produces the high quality Leather Chemicals and supplies it across the globe in most affordable price. Another tanning agent is used to create high-end pure quality leather is auxiliaries which provide tightness, buffing, handle and grain in the leather. These auxiliaries are popularly known as Syntan. To provide NUBUCK effect and greasy smooth leather, ZOIL 891, the fortified oil, was manufactured. This is one of the most valuable agents used during the tanning process, especially at the end stage of finish products. In the beginning of the tanning procedure, when it is necessary to remove scud and unwanted proteins from the hides, batting enzymes plays a crucial role. We produce quality bating agents which are considered superior in the tanning industries.      

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