Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Get the best fat liquors from Zsivira India

The leather obtained from animals cannot be used in its original form. That is because the leather from animals is rough, hard, and contains a pungent odor. Therefore, in order to use the leather, it is essential to process them to make it usable. There are different leather chemicals and synthetic agents that help to enhance the quality of the leather. There are several leather chemical making industries that produce the best quality chemical which augments the leather quality. Zsiviraindia is one of the leading manufacturers of Fat liquor which helps to improve the texture, smoothness and makes it usable to produce leather products such as bags, purse, belts, shoes, jackets, etc.

The fat liquors are tested for quality and ensured to satisfy international standards.

In the traditional leather enhancement process, there were only fewer methods available. It is to be noted that the process could not achieve the satisfactory result. Therefore, with the enhancement in science and technology newer methods of fat liquors were developed which helped to soften the leather material which is used for making garment leather, shoes, suede, upholstery, and goods leather. Zsivira produces export quality fat liquor which is manufactured with precision and accuracy and ensured that the outcome is surpassing.

The fat liquors are tested by a group of qualified professionals to assure of its export quality and make sure it satisfies international standards. There are different types of fat liquors produced by ZsiviraIndia. Some of them are Synthetic Fat Liquor, Semi-Synthetic Fat Liquor, Lanolin Fat Liquor, Lecithin Fat liquor, etc. Zsivira assures of analyzing the customer's products and based on the material, they suggest appropriate fat liquors which help to enhance the texture of the material.  Zsivira has constantly worked on innovation and quality and hence are recognized as the leading manufacturer of leather chemicals and synthetic agents.

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Friday, 17 November 2017

How does Syntans enhance the quality of the leather material?

To make the leather soft and usable, Syntans are used in the various stages of leather production.  It makes the leather smooth which helps to create innovative leather products such as seat-covers, bags, wallets, shoes, etc. Syntans or synthetic tanning agent improves the quality of the leather products. If you are looking for the best quality Syntans then you can get in touch with Zsiviraindia as they are the leading manufacturer of export quality Syntans which can be customized and catered according to the client’s need. The leather obtained from the animal skin cannot be used in its natural form; this is because the animal skin is hard, rough and has a pungent smell, which has to be removed to make it usable. By using an effective leather chemical from Zsivira, the quality of leather can be enhanced 100 folds.

What are the enhancements made by Zsivira in Syntans?

Initially, there were only a few methods of tanning implemented to improve the leather quality, however, with the improvement in the science and technology, different varieties of Syntans were developed. It had improvised the tanning process.  Zsivira has implemented a unique composition which has helped to develop different varieties of Syntans; some of them are Phenolic, sulfone, protein, maleic, melamine, dicyandiamide, polypeptide, and acrylic. It is to be noted that Syntans helps to enhance the chemical, physical and antimicrobial properties of leather.  Zsivira produces some Syntans which is used to substitute or supplement natural vegetable tannins.

As Zsivira is an ISO: 9001:2008 certified company; the quality of the leather chemical is the top-most priority. They have a team of chemical experts which works on the nuance of Syntans and ensure every detail is intact to achieve the desired outcome. They constantly work on innovation and make sure that product is enhanced to get a spotless leather quality. Get in touch today with Zsivira and enhance your leather product.

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Friday, 13 October 2017

Why is fat liquor used in the leather production?

The leather material obtained from the animal skin cannot be used in its natural form. It is impure and cannot be molded into different leather products, therefore to enhance the quality of the leather material, Fat liquors are used which helps to soften the leather and make it usable. Zsivira, one of the leading manufacturers of leather chemical produces fat liquors. The fat liquors are manufactured to perfection to achieve the best quality which is used in the production of garment leather, shoes, suede, upholstery and goods leather. Zsivira ensures to manufacture fat liquor which complies with the international standard for quality.

Get the export quality fat liquors from ZsiviraIndia

Zsivira is one of the leading exporters of Fat liquors and hence it makes sure to provide fat liquors which cater different clients for their specific needs.  There are many varieties of fat liquors provided by Zsivira; some of them are Synthetic Fat Liquor, Semi-Synthetic Fat Liquor, Lanolin Fat Liquor, Lecithin Fat liquor etc. The leather skin from animals is usually hard and rough. Using fat liquors during leather production makes the material light and smooth.  Zsivira assures that the fat liquors manufactured by them can convert a deprived quality material into trendy ones.

To ensure that quality is not hampered, Zsivira implements a strict quality check process at each stage of production process to ensure it is spotless.  There are some parameters which have to be kept in mind while preparing fat liquors of export quality, such as the volume of Fattening substance added dilution ratio and ph. It is essential to use an appropriate proportion to get the best texture, softness, and glossiness of the leather. Constant feedback and suggestions by the client are sorts to enhance the properties of the fat liquors to achieve the desired outcome.

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Friday, 6 October 2017

How does the leather get its softness and glossiness?

The leather material is originated from animal skin. It is definitely not possible to use in its natural form. It has to be treated to make it usable. Therefore, there are different types of chemical which are used in the various stages of leather production to achieve the desired outcome. Zsiviraindia, one of the best manufacturers of leather chemical produces fat liquor which is used to soften the leather material. It is prominently used to soften the leather for garments, shoes and upholstery leather. There are several varieties of fat liquors supported by ZSIVIRAINDIA. Some of them are Synthetic Fat Liquor, Semi-Synthetic Fat Liquor, Lanolin Fat Liquor, Lecithin Fat liquor etc.

How do fat liquors improve the quality of the leather?

It is interesting to know as to why fat liquors are used in the process of leather making. This is because; the natural leather material is hard and rough in texture, the fat liquor by Zsiviraindia makes the leather light-weight, soft and gives a smooth finish. It is also to be noted that depending upon the requirement of the client; the fat liquors are prepared accordingly. While manufacturing the fat liquors, it ensured that the process imbibes the required parameter to achieve export quality Syntans.

There are some of the factors that have to be kept in mind while manufacturing the fat liquors. The volume of fattening substances is added appropriately to get the surpassing outcome. It is important to keep the dilution ratio and pH values intact to maintain the glossiness of the leather products. Zsiviraindia ensures to follow the standard guidelines in manufacturing fat liquors so that it can reach the global market expectations. The fat liquors are so manufactured that it can withstand temperature variations and also have a long lifespan. The highlight of fat liquors by Zsivira is that it can convert any deprived quality of leather into the usable and modernized product. Call Zsivira today and get the best fat liquor for your leather materials.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Do you know how you get the finest leather products? If No, Know now

Leather products such as purse, belts, and bags are very soft in texture and elegant in appearance. Do you know how leather gets that fine finish? Well, without leather tanning chemical, the leather cannot get a better appearance and it is widely used in the various stages of leather production. It is essential to purchase leather tanning chemical from the best manufacturers to achieve the desired results. Zsiviraindia is the leading leather tanning chemical manufacturers which ensure to adopt a unique methodology to prepare the best leather tanning chemical for leather production. The chemical is thoroughly tested for quality by a team of professional to ensure it meets the standards.

The leather tanning chemical by Zsiviraindia is manufactured of export quality and delivers excellent results. In the making of leather chemical, Zsiviraindia utilizes 400 raw materials to produce 200 products. The products excel in quality and strength.  Zsiviraindia with the help of expert prepares different varieties of export quality leather tanning chemical.

The best varieties of Leather tanning chemical by Zsiviraindia

Let us look into each of them and their application.
  • One of the leather tanning chemical, which is the biocides is used in the leather making to prevent the growth of bacteria. This helps to sustain the quality of leather and extends its life.
  • The surfactants leather tanning chemical keeps the back of the leather hides wet and moist.
  • The greasy and oily texture on the leather is achieved by using the degreasing agent which is one of the varieties of leather tanning chemical      
  • The swells and uneven leveling is smoothened using the swell regulating agent.
  • The leather which is obtained from animal skin contains tiny hair which has to be removed to achieve a soft texture and this can be done using the sodium sulfide chemical.

The leather chemicals make the leather supple and soft and help to get the best outcome.

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Friday, 21 July 2017

The Best Leather Chemical Produced By Zsivira

The Leather Chemical is used in the different stage of leather production to enhance the quality and the texture of the leather material. It is vital to have a good quality leather chemical to achieve desired results. Zsivira, a leading manufacturer of tanning agents have produced the best quality leather chemical which are used in different industries for various purposes. The Leather Chemical by Zsivira is used in textile and home furnishing industries as a degreasing agent. Zsivira has always ensured to imbibe quality raw material and follow manufacturing standards to produce a surpassing outcome. Zsivira utilizes 400 raw materials to produce about 200 products. It shows that Zsivira follows stringent quality strategy to achieve the best result.
There are different kinds of leather chemicals that are used for different purposes. The chemical improve the life and strength of the leather material. With an eminent team of expertise, Zsivira ensures that the Leather Chemical has every constituent to enhance the quality of leather chemical and helps to get the required result without giving room for complaints.

Different kinds of Leather Chemicals produced by Zsivira

Let us look into some of the leather chemical produced by Zsivira and its use.
The biocide Leather Chemical is used to suppress the development of bacteria on the surface of the leather thereby strengthening the quality of leather material.
The surfactants leather chemical by Zsivira is used to keep the back of the hides wet to ensure it fresh and soft.
The degreasing Leather Chemical helps to eliminate natural fats and grease on the leather material.
To swell the hides of the leather skin, the lime leather chemical is used.
The swell regulating Leather Chemical removes any uneven swelling in the leather skin.
The sodium sulphide Leather Chemical is used to remove any hair present on the skin.

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

What Is The Importance Of Bating Enzymes In The Leather Production?

The leather production process is an interesting process as it involves different chemicals and enzymes to prepare the leather usable for making different leather products. The Bating Enzymes are used to make the leather supple and it is to be noted that this can be achieved with this enzyme alone and cannot be substituted by any other chemical. In this process, Bating Enzymes are used to remove unwanted proteins and the fibers are opened to project a clean and soft texture on the surface of the leather. Zsivira, a leading company which produces good quality, high-grade chemicals for the leather industries provides good quality Bating Enzymes for treating leather. 

Features and Benefits of Bating Enzymes

The Bating Enzymes are also used to level swollen parts in the hides. With the inception of advanced science and technology, the Bating Enzymes are prepared using better techniques and process to achieve the best outcome of the leather material. In traditional process of leather making, the bating process was done using dog, pigeon or hen manure. Well, this produced unpleasant odors and also the leather material so obtained in the process was not reliable. This process also incurred the time and was a very tedious methodology and hence measures were researched to produce good quality Bating Enzymes and thanks to the futuristic technology, the issue has been resolved satisfactorily.

Zsivira produces the best range of leather enzymes

Zsivira embarked the formulation of enzymes for leather degreasing and tanning in 2009. It is also highlighted that Zsivira has produced best range of leather enzymes. The submerged fermented enzymes are the most enhanced enzyme which can effectually open the fibers of even the toughest African origin skin and hides. The result is definitely extraordinary, as it helps to provide super soft leather material. The Bating Enzymes can increase the area of the leather by 17% in Ethiopian sheep skins. These enzymes are used after the tanning process to provide smooth and soft texture to the leather. The Bating Enzymes used at the end produce uniform grains, fullness, and softness of leather suitable for marketing the leather products. Such high quality bating enzymes by Zsivira are exported across the globe too.

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