Friday, 21 March 2014

Quality Leather Chemicals Need to Produce Quality Leather

As we all know, previously tanning was deemed as most odiferous business and most of the tanneries were situated far away from the main town and isolated completely. The old method of tanning is no longer in use in modern age. Now different Leather Chemicals are used, in order to get fine quality leathers than ever before.  Now there are two methods of tanning which are used, viz. vegetable tanning and mineral methods of tanning. In mineral tanning, basic chromium sulfate is used; whereas, in vegetable tanning, tannin, the bark of one tree is used. Chrome tanning method is faster than vegetable tanning and stretchable leather can be produced, which is most fine in quality and use for handbag and garments. Depending upon the desired finish, the hide is waxed, rolled, lubricated or dyed.  
With the growing demand of shiny and mesmerizing leather goods, clothes, hats, bags, & shoes, it has become, necessary to produce quality leather more than before. As we have discussed earlier, old method of tanning has become obsolete, and the entire modern aged tanneries are using artificial chemicals for tanning. There are different types of tanning agents which are used on the process of tanning and Fat Liquor is one such thing, which is used to moisturize, nourish and shine the finish products. Zsivira India, the leading, Leather Chemical Manufacturers, produces the high quality Leather Chemicals and supplies it across the globe in most affordable price. Another tanning agent is used to create high-end pure quality leather is auxiliaries which provide tightness, buffing, handle and grain in the leather. These auxiliaries are popularly known as Syntan. To provide NUBUCK effect and greasy smooth leather, ZOIL 891, the fortified oil, was manufactured. This is one of the most valuable agents used during the tanning process, especially at the end stage of finish products. In the beginning of the tanning procedure, when it is necessary to remove scud and unwanted proteins from the hides, batting enzymes plays a crucial role. We produce quality bating agents which are considered superior in the tanning industries.      

Choose the Right Syntans for Mesmerizing Leather

Syntans is one of the important tanning agents, which is used during wet end processing of the leather to provide fullness & smooth grain characteristics. Along with resin Syntans, replacement Syntans is also used to make it useful for making shoe-upper and garment leathers. We have a wide range of Syntans and accordingly product composition also differs. As the Syntans’ molecules are bigger in size, so it is advisable to use some thinner to make easy dispersion and penetration into the skin or the hide. Syntans have many features, such as it helps fill those areas of hide where fiber structure is loose, so that it penetrates easily and deposits in that particular area. In order to provide better penetration, resin Syntants are used in combination with auxiliary Syntans. Resin Syntans provide better tanning than vegetable one because resin provide tighter fiber structure and finer grain.  
Aside, resin Syntans, another most important Syntans are there and that is called auxiliary Syntan, which is generally used to neutralize the entire range of chrome leather providing with uniform pH. Neutralization of the leathers produces astringent effect which in turn facilitates better dye penetration.
These tanning auxiliaries not only help to product pure quality leathers, but also provide top-line look and texture of the leather. INDOTAN MB, INDITAN RE 98, INDOTAN 540, INDOTAN RE 100 and INDOTAN 536 are some of the well-known Syntans which can be categorized as auxiliary, intermediate and replacement. And, the auxiliary Syntans are further divided into acidic, which is used as a bleaching agent in chrome leather, and neutral. We are the paramount Syntan manufacturers where top-quality products are provided in most competitive price, and for your convenience, we have manufactured a wide range of tanning products to choose from.

Zsivira India, the Paramount in Leather Chemical Exporter

We are the leading Leather Chemical Exporter, where we produce quality tanning agents and supply across the world in most reasonable price. Along with a wide range of leather tanning agents, we also produce finishing chemicals under our state-of-the-art company. The leather chemicals we produce and supply are as follow:
Fat Liquor, which is one of the essential tanning agents especially used for moisturizing, nourishing and shining the finish products. It works an adhesion and melts down the molecules present in the leather and create preventive power against wear and tear during the extreme climatic condition. We supply wide range of Syntan, which helps to neutralizing the leather as well as fill the gap between the fibers as results provide smooth and durable leather which is capable to absorb dye most uniformly. In order to provide high quality leather, different Syntans are used at different steps of tanning.  Bating is one of the important procedures used for removing scud and unwanted proteins from the hide or skin. After years of R&D, we came up with a most useful and effective method of bating. The batting enzyme we supply is the most effective chemicals to remove the protein without decaying the leather.  Last, but not the least, we produce the best quality finishing chemicals, such as ZOIL 891, which is a fortified oil solution used to provide dazzling glow over the leather garments and upholstery. This can be used using roller coating, spraying and can even spray over the leather surface. Although this is not that much water soluble, but can easily be mixed with like Cellosolve, Butyl Acetate, Butyl Cellosolve Acetate, Pure toluene, Pure Xylene and so on. This high-quality finishing chemical can be preserved up to six months. Being the quality tanning and finishing leather chemicals manufactures and Leather Chemical Exporter, we provide authentic product in most competitive price.          

Quality Fat Liquor for Quality Leather

Fat liquor, especially extracted from seal, is considered crucial for leather industry as it lubricates, in order to prevent adhesion of leather as well as enhance the fiber cohesion which occurs during dying and wetting of the leathers. For chrome or semi-chore method of tanning anionic emulsifiable oil products are used in order to fatliquoring the leathers. The emulsifiable anionic product is manufactured by adding anionic emulsifiers or sulfation into the seal oil. Being the Fat Liquor Manufacturer, we provide the best quality Fat Liquor, which is extracted from seal and processed in our state-of-the-art infrastructure.
Fat Liquor is the tanning agent that is used especially for crusting and softening of entire leather products, from garments to upholstery. As a tanning agents manufacturer, we produce Fat Liquor which is suitable for, sheep, cattle, goat leather, fat bathing. We are one of the leading Fat Liquor Exporters in India where we produce high-quality tanning agents using cutting-edge technology.       
Of late, the use of leather products has increased manyfold. In fashion industry leather clothes, hats, shoes, and bags are achieving maximum priority presently. People are inclined to wear quality leather garments, and want more dazzling leather products of different colors. Seeing the demand of leather goods, so many businessmen are venturing into this evergreen leather industry, be it as a finish product manufacturer or quality leather manufacture. To provide shiny effect, after ample R&D, we come up with the most useful Fat Liquor, which moisturize, nourish and prevent any weather damage of the finish products. To provide safeguard against wear and tear of the extreme climatic condition, fat liquor plays a unique role along with providing mesmerizing shining glow. Considering above facts, it is worth saying that quality Fat Liquor is very much essential for quality leather products, and one should never compromise to select right fat liquor.      

Bating Enzyme for Hassle-free Tanning

Bating, as we know, the most crucial part of tanning, wherein unwanted proteins and proteases are removed from the hide or skin in order to provide enhanced softness to the leather. Previously, this process of tanning was done by the use of dog, pigeon and hen manure, which not only crates intense odor, but also was time-consuming and expensive. Due to the odiferous nature, previously entire tannery used to be situated far away from the main town. Gone those old days when tanning procedure was unaffordable, odiferous and lengthy, now modern method of tanning has gotten remarkably popular, due to the availability of the tanning chemicals, affordability, fast track processing and most importantly odor free processing. Almost all the tannery of modern age has adopted this cutting-edge method of tanning.

A special kind of chemical called Bating Enzyme is used to remove excess, unwanted protein from the hide without affecting the leather. This bating enzyme leave fullness, softness and uniform grain over the leather, which is more, mesmerizing that batting done by any other procedures. Along with above features, bating has a high impact on hide and turns it into more flexible to make any garments, shoes or upholstery. The leather after processing by bating enzyme is more accepted by the marketer due to it catchy look and compatibility. In the process of tanning vegetable oils and phospholipids composition is also used. Bating Enzyme, as we discussed previously, is one of essential enzyme used for batting and in comparison with old method it is more useful and effective and most importantly does not contaminate the environment. Almost all the lather industry abides by pollution control norms and do not allow to pollute the environment from the byproducts. So, it is worth saying that in order to keep the environment pollution free and to produce high-quality leather, Bating Enzyme is most important and essential.