Friday, 21 March 2014

Quality Fat Liquor for Quality Leather

Fat liquor, especially extracted from seal, is considered crucial for leather industry as it lubricates, in order to prevent adhesion of leather as well as enhance the fiber cohesion which occurs during dying and wetting of the leathers. For chrome or semi-chore method of tanning anionic emulsifiable oil products are used in order to fatliquoring the leathers. The emulsifiable anionic product is manufactured by adding anionic emulsifiers or sulfation into the seal oil. Being the Fat Liquor Manufacturer, we provide the best quality Fat Liquor, which is extracted from seal and processed in our state-of-the-art infrastructure.
Fat Liquor is the tanning agent that is used especially for crusting and softening of entire leather products, from garments to upholstery. As a tanning agents manufacturer, we produce Fat Liquor which is suitable for, sheep, cattle, goat leather, fat bathing. We are one of the leading Fat Liquor Exporters in India where we produce high-quality tanning agents using cutting-edge technology.       
Of late, the use of leather products has increased manyfold. In fashion industry leather clothes, hats, shoes, and bags are achieving maximum priority presently. People are inclined to wear quality leather garments, and want more dazzling leather products of different colors. Seeing the demand of leather goods, so many businessmen are venturing into this evergreen leather industry, be it as a finish product manufacturer or quality leather manufacture. To provide shiny effect, after ample R&D, we come up with the most useful Fat Liquor, which moisturize, nourish and prevent any weather damage of the finish products. To provide safeguard against wear and tear of the extreme climatic condition, fat liquor plays a unique role along with providing mesmerizing shining glow. Considering above facts, it is worth saying that quality Fat Liquor is very much essential for quality leather products, and one should never compromise to select right fat liquor.      

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