Friday, 21 March 2014

Choose the Right Syntans for Mesmerizing Leather

Syntans is one of the important tanning agents, which is used during wet end processing of the leather to provide fullness & smooth grain characteristics. Along with resin Syntans, replacement Syntans is also used to make it useful for making shoe-upper and garment leathers. We have a wide range of Syntans and accordingly product composition also differs. As the Syntans’ molecules are bigger in size, so it is advisable to use some thinner to make easy dispersion and penetration into the skin or the hide. Syntans have many features, such as it helps fill those areas of hide where fiber structure is loose, so that it penetrates easily and deposits in that particular area. In order to provide better penetration, resin Syntants are used in combination with auxiliary Syntans. Resin Syntans provide better tanning than vegetable one because resin provide tighter fiber structure and finer grain.  
Aside, resin Syntans, another most important Syntans are there and that is called auxiliary Syntan, which is generally used to neutralize the entire range of chrome leather providing with uniform pH. Neutralization of the leathers produces astringent effect which in turn facilitates better dye penetration.
These tanning auxiliaries not only help to product pure quality leathers, but also provide top-line look and texture of the leather. INDOTAN MB, INDITAN RE 98, INDOTAN 540, INDOTAN RE 100 and INDOTAN 536 are some of the well-known Syntans which can be categorized as auxiliary, intermediate and replacement. And, the auxiliary Syntans are further divided into acidic, which is used as a bleaching agent in chrome leather, and neutral. We are the paramount Syntan manufacturers where top-quality products are provided in most competitive price, and for your convenience, we have manufactured a wide range of tanning products to choose from.

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