Thursday, 3 November 2016

Syntans- An understanding

Leather material is popularly used in dress materials, bags, belts, shoes etc. It is obtained from the animal skin which is cleaned, processed, dressed to make it a nonperishable material. In order to make the leather usable, the leather industries require chemicals and tanning agents. Syntans, which is the short form of synthetic tanning agents, are widely used in the various stages of the leather production. There are varieties of Syntans produced by the different manufacturers.

Zsivira – the best producer of syntans

Zsivira is a leading manufacturer of wide range of syntans. They produced comprehensive syntans that are composed of unique chemistry formula which cater the need of the customer. Phenolic, sulfone, protein, maleic, melamine, dicyandiamide, polypeptide, acrylic are some of the varieties of Syntans produced by Zsivira. With the hype in the technology and wide use of chemicals, the manufacturing of different varieties of syntans has successfully accomplished the requirement of the customers, unlike the traditional tanning system which could suffice only restricted types.

Syntans helps to improve the physical, chemical and antimicrobial properties of leather. Some syntans are used to substitute or supplement natural vegetable tannins.

Zsivira – Assured quality service

Zsivira, treasured with the chemical and leather experts have been able to produce flawless Quality Syntans and assures its performance and quality that are certified by a team of R&D who does extensive test and research that meets the specifications of international standards. Zsivira has also specialized in making customized syntans according to the requirement and need of their customers.
Zsivira is equipped with ultramodern machines and technology to produce high-quality tanning chemical and agents. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified they provide uncompromising quality service to their potential customers. Syntans produced by Zsivira is used in gloves, garments, shoes, upholstery and specialty goods.

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Leather chemical- The Need

The Leather Chemical is used during various stages of leather production. They are used in textile and home furnishing industries to soak oil and as a degreasing agent. Zsivira Chemie Merk private LTD is one such company that produces chemicals mainly for the leather industries. They ensure to use prime quality materials in the processing of the leather chemical. The leather chemical produced in the process follow the standards.  The Zsivira Chemie Merk private LTD produces about 200 products that involve more than 400 raw materials to process it. 

Zsivira Chemie Merk private LTD – The best in the manufacturing of leather chemical

There are different kinds of chemicals used in the leather during the process of leather making. The Leather Chemical is used for different purposes that aid in producing better quality leather products. It also enhances the strength and life of the leather product. Zsivira Chemie Merk private LTD has an expert team of R&D who does stringent quality analysis and check the reliability of chemicals used on the product during the process. In their testing analysis, they make sure that chemicals are safe and do not cause any hindrance to the quality of the material.

The various leather chemical used in leather making and it significance

The Best Quality Leather Chemical used in the leather making is biocides, surfactants, degreasers, swell regulating agents, lime, and sodium sulphate. The biocides are mainly used to prevent the growth of bacteria on the leather skin which can cause damage to the product. The surfactants are used to keep the back of the hides wet. The natural fats and greases from the leather skin are removed by the degreasing agent. The swelling of hides of skin is done by using the lime chemical and any uneven swelling is prevented by using the swell regulating agent. If the skin has any hair present, then by using sodium sulphide chemicals it is completely destroyed. Zsivira Chemie Merk private LTD by implementing quality process has always maintained a name in the field of the leather chemical.

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