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Syntans- A preface

Syntans are used in the various stages of the leather production. Syntans, which actually means synthetic tanning agents, is used popularly in various products such as clothes, bags, shoes, wallets etc. Syntans are obtained from animal skin, which is cleaned, washed, processed and dried to make it usable. There are different manufacturers across the country which provides different varieties of syntans, however, Zsivira, is one of the leading manufacturers of wide range of syntans. Zsivira uses a unique chemical formula which could be customised according to the need and the requirement of the client.

Syntans- Highlights

The syntans help to improve the various physical, chemical and antimicrobial properties of leather. There are various varieties of syntans produced, that are used in different stages of leather production. The type of syntans has an impact on the resultant leather. Phenolic, sulfone, protein, maleic, melamine, dicyandiamide, polypeptide and acrylic are some of the varieties of syntans produced. In traditional leather production process there were only restricted methods and also made the process tedious. With the advancement of science and technology, various chemicals are used in the manufacturing of different varieties of syntans which cater the usage of different customers. Some syntans are used to substitute or supplement natural vegetable tannins.

Syntans- quality assured chemical agent

The chemical and leather experts at Zsivira, with their profound knowledge and experience, produce good quality syntans which are tested for excellence in performance and quality before they are delivered to the customers. Zsivira has futuristic machines and technology that helps to produce high-quality tanning chemical and agents. Being an ISO 9001:2008 company Zsivira has provided authentic and uncompromising quality service to its potential customers. Gloves, garments, shoes, and upholstery and specialty goods are some of the leather goods in which Systan is used in their manufacturing process to achieve excellence.

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Leather Chemical – An Introduction

The leather chemical is used in the various stages of leather production. It is used for multiple purposes and is popularly used in textile, home furnishing industries as a degreasing agent.  The leather chemical is produced by various manufacturers; however, Zsivira Chemie Merk private LTD is one of the leading company which produces good quality, high-grade chemicals for the leather industries. They follow a standardized methodology in the process of leather chemical making.  In order to produce 200 products, they use 400 raw materials to achieve quality rich products.

Leather Chemical- Varieties, benefits and applications

There are different varieties of leather chemical which are produced as the leather making process involves a wide variety of chemicals at different steps of leather production. The leather chemical by Zsivira ensures that every variety is prepared with utmost care so that the quality of end product does not get hampered anywhere in the process. The leather chemical actually enhances the life and strength of the leather product. Therefore Zsivira ensures that the leather chemical undergoes a strict quality check by a team of chemical experts. The experts make sure that the leather chemical is safe and do not cause any kind of hindrance to the quality of the material used. After a thorough examination by professionals, it is finally approved to be used in the process of leather making.

The different kind of leather chemicals such as Biocides, surfactants, degreasers; swell regulating agents, lime, and sodium sulfate are used for various purposes of leather making. The growth of bacteria in the leather is prevented by using the leather chemical, biocides. It protects the quality of the leather skin. The natural fats and grease which are present in the leather skin will be removed by the using degreasers’ leather chemical. The swelling of the hides of leather skin can be de-swelled using the lime leather chemical. The hair on the leather skin can be removed using the sodium sulfate leather chemical. By efficiently using different kinds of leather, Zsivira has ensured to provide good quality leather products for various usages.

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Understanding the importance of Fat liquors

In the earlier days, there were only a few methods which were implemented for softening leather. However, with the improvement in science and technology, advanced methods were used to support leather products of required softness and texture. There are different types of tanning chemicals that are used in leather manufacturing depending upon the requirement and its usage.  ZSIVIRA, a leading manufacturer of tanning chemical produces enhanced fat liquors for various leather products. The Fat Liquors are used to soften the leather for garments, shoes and upholstery leather. 

ZSIVIRA- Fat liquors benefits 

The fat liquors by ZSIVIRA support customers with superior quality of tanning agents. There are different varieties of fat liquors provided by ZSIVIRA. Some of them are Synthetic Fat Liquor, Semi-Synthetic Fat Liquor, Lanolin Fat Liquor, Lecithin Fat liquor etc.  The leather products are treated Using Good Quality Fat Liquors and made into light-weight, soft and with smooth surfaces. It is to be noted that according to the need and requirement of the customers, the fat liquors are produced.  ZSIVIRA ensures that the fat liquors are prepared considering all the parameters required for an export quality.

How does ZSIVIRA support export quality fat liquors?

They make sure that the parameters such as the volume of fattening substance are added correctly. The dilution ratio and pH values are kept intact to sustain the glossiness of the leather products. The fat liquors are manufactured under the guidelines so that it can reach the global market expectations. The products from ZSIVIRA can withstand dynamic temperature variations and also has a long lifespan. They assure of converting any deprived quality of leather into the usable and modernized product. ZSIVIRA has successfully exported good quality fat liquors in the global market and achieved its name as a supreme manufacturer of tanning agents.

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