Thursday, 2 February 2017

Syntans- A preface

Syntans are used in the various stages of the leather production. Syntans, which actually means synthetic tanning agents, is used popularly in various products such as clothes, bags, shoes, wallets etc. Syntans are obtained from animal skin, which is cleaned, washed, processed and dried to make it usable. There are different manufacturers across the country which provides different varieties of syntans, however, Zsivira, is one of the leading manufacturers of wide range of syntans. Zsivira uses a unique chemical formula which could be customised according to the need and the requirement of the client.

Syntans- Highlights

The syntans help to improve the various physical, chemical and antimicrobial properties of leather. There are various varieties of syntans produced, that are used in different stages of leather production. The type of syntans has an impact on the resultant leather. Phenolic, sulfone, protein, maleic, melamine, dicyandiamide, polypeptide and acrylic are some of the varieties of syntans produced. In traditional leather production process there were only restricted methods and also made the process tedious. With the advancement of science and technology, various chemicals are used in the manufacturing of different varieties of syntans which cater the usage of different customers. Some syntans are used to substitute or supplement natural vegetable tannins.

Syntans- quality assured chemical agent

The chemical and leather experts at Zsivira, with their profound knowledge and experience, produce good quality syntans which are tested for excellence in performance and quality before they are delivered to the customers. Zsivira has futuristic machines and technology that helps to produce high-quality tanning chemical and agents. Being an ISO 9001:2008 company Zsivira has provided authentic and uncompromising quality service to its potential customers. Gloves, garments, shoes, and upholstery and specialty goods are some of the leather goods in which Systan is used in their manufacturing process to achieve excellence.

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