Thursday, 11 May 2017

What Is The Importance Of Bating Enzymes In The Leather Production?

The leather production process is an interesting process as it involves different chemicals and enzymes to prepare the leather usable for making different leather products. The Bating Enzymes are used to make the leather supple and it is to be noted that this can be achieved with this enzyme alone and cannot be substituted by any other chemical. In this process, Bating Enzymes are used to remove unwanted proteins and the fibers are opened to project a clean and soft texture on the surface of the leather. Zsivira, a leading company which produces good quality, high-grade chemicals for the leather industries provides good quality Bating Enzymes for treating leather. 

Features and Benefits of Bating Enzymes

The Bating Enzymes are also used to level swollen parts in the hides. With the inception of advanced science and technology, the Bating Enzymes are prepared using better techniques and process to achieve the best outcome of the leather material. In traditional process of leather making, the bating process was done using dog, pigeon or hen manure. Well, this produced unpleasant odors and also the leather material so obtained in the process was not reliable. This process also incurred the time and was a very tedious methodology and hence measures were researched to produce good quality Bating Enzymes and thanks to the futuristic technology, the issue has been resolved satisfactorily.

Zsivira produces the best range of leather enzymes

Zsivira embarked the formulation of enzymes for leather degreasing and tanning in 2009. It is also highlighted that Zsivira has produced best range of leather enzymes. The submerged fermented enzymes are the most enhanced enzyme which can effectually open the fibers of even the toughest African origin skin and hides. The result is definitely extraordinary, as it helps to provide super soft leather material. The Bating Enzymes can increase the area of the leather by 17% in Ethiopian sheep skins. These enzymes are used after the tanning process to provide smooth and soft texture to the leather. The Bating Enzymes used at the end produce uniform grains, fullness, and softness of leather suitable for marketing the leather products. Such high quality bating enzymes by Zsivira are exported across the globe too.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Comprehensive Fat Liquors By Zsiviria Enhances The Quality of Leather

In the traditional method of leather processing, were few methods were implemented to enhance the quality of leather. With the advancement in science and technology, different methods were adopted to improve the quality of leather multifold. It is to be noted that different kind of tanning chemicals are used in the leather manufacturing depending upon the requirement and its usage. Zsivira, one of the leading company which produces good quality, high-grade chemicals for the leather industries has produced enhanced Fat Liquors for various leather products. The fat liquors are basically used to soften the leather for different leather products such as purse, belts, shoes, garments etc.

Different kinds of fat liquors produced by Zsivira

Zsivira has always ensured that they always provide products that are rich in quality and hence the Fat Liquors by ZSIVIRA is of superior quality which is tested by professional at each stage of processing and made sure that the Fat Liquors exhibits excellence in performance and do not give a chance to a complaint from clients. There are different varieties of Fat Liquors that are produced by Zsivira some of them are Synthetic Fat Liquor, Semi-Synthetic Fat Liquor, Lanolin Fat Liquor, Lecithin Fat Liquors etc. 

Features and benefits of Fat Liquors

It is to be highlighted that the leather products treated using quality Fat Liquors make the leather material light-weight, soft and with smooth surfaces. The Fat Liquors can be customized according to the requirement of the client. It prepared following international standard and ensured that it contains every feature considered ideal for exporting.  Zsivira makes sure that while preparing fat liquors the volume of fattening substance is added correctly. The dilution ratio and pH values are kept intact to endure the glossiness of the leather products. ZSIVIRA has successfully exported good quality Fat Liquors in the global market and earned its name as a popular manufacturer of tanning agents.

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