Friday, 13 October 2017

Why is fat liquor used in the leather production?

The leather material obtained from the animal skin cannot be used in its natural form. It is impure and cannot be molded into different leather products, therefore to enhance the quality of the leather material, Fat liquors are used which helps to soften the leather and make it usable. Zsivira, one of the leading manufacturers of leather chemical produces fat liquors. The fat liquors are manufactured to perfection to achieve the best quality which is used in the production of garment leather, shoes, suede, upholstery and goods leather. Zsivira ensures to manufacture fat liquor which complies with the international standard for quality.

Get the export quality fat liquors from ZsiviraIndia

Zsivira is one of the leading exporters of Fat liquors and hence it makes sure to provide fat liquors which cater different clients for their specific needs.  There are many varieties of fat liquors provided by Zsivira; some of them are Synthetic Fat Liquor, Semi-Synthetic Fat Liquor, Lanolin Fat Liquor, Lecithin Fat liquor etc. The leather skin from animals is usually hard and rough. Using fat liquors during leather production makes the material light and smooth.  Zsivira assures that the fat liquors manufactured by them can convert a deprived quality material into trendy ones.

To ensure that quality is not hampered, Zsivira implements a strict quality check process at each stage of production process to ensure it is spotless.  There are some parameters which have to be kept in mind while preparing fat liquors of export quality, such as the volume of Fattening substance added dilution ratio and ph. It is essential to use an appropriate proportion to get the best texture, softness, and glossiness of the leather. Constant feedback and suggestions by the client are sorts to enhance the properties of the fat liquors to achieve the desired outcome.

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