Friday, 6 October 2017

How does the leather get its softness and glossiness?

The leather material is originated from animal skin. It is definitely not possible to use in its natural form. It has to be treated to make it usable. Therefore, there are different types of chemical which are used in the various stages of leather production to achieve the desired outcome. Zsiviraindia, one of the best manufacturers of leather chemical produces fat liquor which is used to soften the leather material. It is prominently used to soften the leather for garments, shoes and upholstery leather. There are several varieties of fat liquors supported by ZSIVIRAINDIA. Some of them are Synthetic Fat Liquor, Semi-Synthetic Fat Liquor, Lanolin Fat Liquor, Lecithin Fat liquor etc.

How do fat liquors improve the quality of the leather?

It is interesting to know as to why fat liquors are used in the process of leather making. This is because; the natural leather material is hard and rough in texture, the fat liquor by Zsiviraindia makes the leather light-weight, soft and gives a smooth finish. It is also to be noted that depending upon the requirement of the client; the fat liquors are prepared accordingly. While manufacturing the fat liquors, it ensured that the process imbibes the required parameter to achieve export quality Syntans.

There are some of the factors that have to be kept in mind while manufacturing the fat liquors. The volume of fattening substances is added appropriately to get the surpassing outcome. It is important to keep the dilution ratio and pH values intact to maintain the glossiness of the leather products. Zsiviraindia ensures to follow the standard guidelines in manufacturing fat liquors so that it can reach the global market expectations. The fat liquors are so manufactured that it can withstand temperature variations and also have a long lifespan. The highlight of fat liquors by Zsivira is that it can convert any deprived quality of leather into the usable and modernized product. Call Zsivira today and get the best fat liquor for your leather materials.

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