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Resin Syntans Produce Cleaner, Shinier And Finer Leather

Resin Syntans produce cleaner, shinier and finer leather

When you own a leather processing unit, there is a bulk requirement of SYNTANS in the unit. It is nothing but a synthetic chemical used for the tanning process. You find a wide variety of tanning agents with suppliers such as ZsiviraIndia who are in the business of supplying good quality processing material to the leather industries. What type of tanning agent is suitable for your business depends on the type of the leather and the leather processing mechanism. You need get adequate information before opting for it.

Resin SYNTANS, a popular choice

Nowadays, many leather processing units ask for resin SYNTANS. They are basically, leather chemicals used for the retention of the leather when you process it using the “wet end processing”. It is possible to retain the luster, finishing, and fullness by using the resins. Soft and smooth leather with great graining can be obtained by it. Typically, they are used for processing soft and shiny leather such as garment leather, shoe uppers, and leather for purses, etc.

What is a resin syntan actually?

Resin Syntans are obtained from the Formaldehyde Condensation of DCDA or Urea or Melamine. Due to the bigger size of the molecules, blending with the dispersing agent happens easily and quickly.Also, they penetrate to the hide or skin quite effectively. It results in smoother, better leather. 

How do they work?

When we process leather, there are some areas in the hide where the fiber structure is loose and dull. The resins fill such areas making them even and smooth because they can penetrate in the skin structure. Also, they form a uniform deposit. Though all varieties of resins are good, but manufacturers rely on melamine-based or DCDA based syntan for smooth leather.  ZsiviraIndia brings the best quality syntan products that exceed in quality parameters and produce incredibly good quality leather.

In the leather processing units, these syntans are used in combination of another category of syntans called Auxiliary. They enhance the penetration capability of resins to make the sin structure further smooth and lustrous. When you send smooth, tight and fine leather in the market, buyers don’t hesitate in paying more. Thus, the additional burden of the cost of procuring resins can be recovered easily.

Types of Resin Syntans and their usage

Several types of resins are available in the market. You need to give the requirement specs well to obtain the right choice.

  • Dicyandiamide condensation based products can perform effective retanning of chrome tanned leather. They can be used standalone or in combination of other tanning chemicals.
  • Melamine condensation based products are perfect for all other types of leathers. They can also be used as a standalone product or in the combination of other tanners.

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