Thursday, 18 August 2016

Know About Several Types of Leather Enzymes

Why do we need the bating process while producing superfine leather? It is the prerequisite for another important process that changes the appearance and texture of leather; the tanning process. The objective of bating process is to clean the surface and make it smooth so that it takes the typical feel of processed leather (there are several processes required afterward, though). While choosing the best amongst various BATING ENZYMES, experts consider several aspects such as speed, the capability of making leather soft, and cost. Only the best suitable product is selected.
Zsiviraindia receives orders from tanneries and leather processing units spread across the country. It is one of the leading names in the field of leather processing. Since there are several types of enzymes, users should know their pros and cons.
Acid Protease leather bating enzyme
Acid based protease leather enzyme is useful for skins or hides that have been tanned or pickled using the vegetable synthetic method. It is also useful in case of chrome tanning method as well. The enzymes convert the partially tanned leather into good quality, smooth leather which is used in making expensive leather clothes. When these enzymes are used for processing long stored tanned leather in vegetable stock, it produces wonderful
Synthetic microbial proteases enzymes
These BATING ENZYMES have excellent properties of rehydrating and wrinkle removing. It makes them ideal for producing phenomenal quality leather with higher surface area and yield.  Since they are compatible with other types of limiting and soaking auxiliary products, synthetic microbial proteases base enzymes are widely used in the industry.
The type and variety of enzyme applicable in a leather processing industry should be consulted to the experts. They check the requirement specifications and suggest a product that gives maximum yield. You get a good price if the product is exceptionally great.

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